ScopeRoller Quick Release Toe Savers

Quick Release Toe Savers

The Quick Release Toe Saver replaces the existing counterweight safety screw on a number of current production equatorial mounts.  Push the button and pull the pin--in less than a second, you are ready to remove your counterweight.  The pin has a lanyard loop so you can tie the pin to your mount--no more misplacing parts in the dark!  We have tested the Quick Release Toe Saver  by repeatedly dropping a 15 pound counterweight the entire length of the counterweight shaft, with the counterweight screw completely backed out (circumstances unlikely to happen in the real world).  The prices below include U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.  Contact nugent_dennis@hotmail.com to order. Retailers, please contact us for wholesale pricing. 

The list below shows current production.  There are differences in dimensions, of course.  In addition, the LM model is available in either a very hard, very tough plastic called Delrin with a stainless steel cross-pin, or in aluminum, for those who don't trust plastic; the others are made of aluminum with a stainless steel cross-pin.  (The larger threading of the Losmandy mount safety screws explains the difference in materials.) 

Effective March 23, 2017, I am raising the prices of the Quick Release Toe Savers because the positive lock pins have increased in price quite suddenly and dramatically.

Click here to see the manual (shared across all current Quick Release Toe Savers).

Currently Supported Mounts

Losmandy GM-8, G11, and some other Losmandy mounts (check with us before ordering); Celestron CI-700 and CGE

Celestron CG-4 (and some very similar mounts sold under other names)

Celestron CG-5 (and similar mounts)

Celestron AVX

Meade LXD55 and LXD75

Vixen GP-DX

Synta EQ6, Orion Atlas EQ, and some similar Synta mounts

Takahashi EM-200


Orion AstroView and SkyView Pro (may fit some other Orion mounts)

Quick Release Toe Saver LM

Fits Losmandy GM-8, G11, and some other Losmandy mounts; also fits the Celestron CGE mount.  Cost: $. Now available in aluminum at extra cost, for those who don't trust Delrin.

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For those who don't trust plastic--the Quick Release Toe Saver LMAL is available in aluminum instead of Delrin.  All the dimensions and specifications are the same--but instead of Delrin (which is strong and easy to machine) the body is now in aluminum (which is stronger, and not so easy to machine).

Quick Release Toe Saver CG4

Fits the Celestron CG-4 mounts and similar.

Quick Release Toe Saver CG5

For the Celestron CG-5 mounts and similar.

Quick Release Toe Saver AVX

For the Celestron AVX and CGX mounts.

Quick Release Toe Saver LXD55/LXD75

For the Meade LXD55 and LXD75 mounts and similar.

Quick Release Toe Saver AP

Until May 2006, all recent Astro-Physics  mounts used the 5/16"-18 thread.  However: starting in May 2006 for the 1200, and "soon" for the 900, Astro-Physics uses a technically superior thread: 1 1/16"-14.

The 5/16"-18 version.

The new version with the 1 1/16"-14 thread.

Quick Release Toe Saver GPDX

For the Vixen GP-DX.

Quick Release Toe Saver SVP

For the Orion AstroView and SkyView Pro. (May fit some other Orion mounts as well--contact us before ordering.)

Quick Release Toe Saver EQ6

Fits the Synta EQ6, Orion Atlas EQ, and probably some other Synta and similar mounts.  Contact us for details.

Quick Release Toe Saver EM200

Fits the Takahashi EM-200 mount.  Unlike the others, it screws onto the threaded stud at the end of the counterweight shaft--not into an existing hole.